What courses will be available, when, where and what's the cost?

Our courses are available anywhere in the world.

The Diploma in Accounting and Business courses are available globally except for the following countries:

  • China, Peoples' Republic of
  • Cyprus
  • Malta​
Accountant in Business
  • Cost US$89
  • Preparing you for FAB and F1 exams
  • Related exam - Diploma in Accounting and Business
Financial Accounting
  • Cost US$89
  • Preparing you fou for FFA and F3 exams
  • Related exam - Diploma in Accounting and Business
Management Accounting
  • Cost US$89
  • Preparing you for FMA and F2 exams
  • Related exam - Diploma in Accounting and Business

What do I get in an ACCA-X course?

ACCA-X courses include text, videos, practice tests, discussion forums, live sessions, downloadable content, progress trackers, a peer support network and tutor support at group level.

The majority of course content is mobile-friendly.

Once signed up, you can access the content for up to six months.

Will these courses make me more likely to pass my exams?

The courses have been produced to the highest quality standards and employ a mix of media which will appeal to a range of learning styles. They have been designed to deliver a more effective learning experience than self-study alone. We will also continuously measure the effectiveness of the courses and use this information to drive continuous improvement.

Are there any entry requirements?

ACCA-X courses have no entry requirements. However, the course descriptions include guidance on the recommended level of education for each course.

Does completing an ACCA-X course entitle me to an exemption from ACCA exams?

ACCA-X courses do not provide exemptions from ACCA exams. The courses are designed to prepare learners with the knowledge and skills required to take the related ACCA exams.


How should I prepare myself for the various Certificates and Diplomas issued by ACCA?

 You can study through our e-learning courses and workshops which provide you with high-class study materials and content.

Do I have to pay for ACCA exams?

To take the related ACCA exams you must register as an ACCA student and pay registration and exam fees. View ACCA price list for details of current fees and charges

How often will courses run?

Each course will run four times a year.


Who should apply for the ACCA Certificate in IFRS?


The ACCA CertIFR  is highly recommended for all professionals and students who are starting their studies in IFRS. This program is an excellent tool to begin the technical development in the International Accounting area. It is highly recommended for professionals, undergraduate students, MBA students, postgraduate students, master's degree students and is an excellent tool for professors in this area.


How will the ACCA CertIFR help me in the professional market?


R. Due to the international recognition of ACCA, the professional may obtain a visible competitive advantage in the professional market compared to its peers and this is also a good opportunity to improve your curriculum and professional background.

Do I need to be online at a particular time of day?

You don't need to log in at specified times. The content is available 24-7.

For how long can I access the course?

You'll have access to your course content for six months (although the course will only be tutor-supported for 10 weeks).

How do I pay?

For paid-for courses, you use azentian's secure online payment system when enrolling for the course. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

How long will the courses take to complete?

Each course is 10 weeks long and typically requires around three hours of online course learning per week plus one to two hours of self-study.

Is the learning mobile?

Some of the learning content is accessible via mobile devices but for the full learning experience, you will require access to a desktop or laptop computer.

Can you fail an ACCA-X course?

No, courses are not assessed in terms of an overall pass or fail. Progress checks give an indication of your readiness to attempt the related ACCA exam.

What feedback will I get?

The course has a progress tracker. There are also weekly tests that allow you to gauge your progress and revisit any areas that need additional study. Additionally, there are discussion forums where fellow learners and tutors help answer your questions or discuss issues raised.

What support will I get?

ACCA-X makes use of advancements in peer support technology, so both tutors and fellow learners provide support via the discussion forums.

Further questions about ACCA-X

We have tried to pre-empt any questions and answer these as best we can giving you the opportunity to comment and feedback.

However, if you have any further questions please contact via email at info@azentian.com



How can I register for every course?


You can register through our e-shop paying safely with Pay Pal, or by sending e-mail with your details and your preferred course. Our team then will assist you for the information you need for the course and the payment method.


What are the Workshops courses?


The Workshop courses are Live in Class, Instructor-led courses held in 4 or 5 stars Hotel venues. 


Do course fees include the exam fees?


The IFRS Workshops and Webinars include the CertIFR Degree fees.

The E-learning  courses do not include the exam fees. You must contact our team in order to make your purchase with any discounts you may have.


What are Webinars and E-Learning courses?


E-Learning is a self-study course that you work through at your own pace using our study materials, a wide range of online resources and tutor support when you need it. You can also choose just to have access to the online materials without the hardcopy textbooks to save on cost! To find out more, contact our team of experts.

The Webinars are live on line seminars with a tutor (just like you are in class) and are held in specific times and days through the course period. You do not have to worry if you lose a scheduled live class as all courses are recorded and can be seen as many times you need through the licensed period.


Is there a deadline to book an E-learning course?


  1. The self-study E-learning (CertIFR) courses can be started at any time and day you want. 
  2. ACCA-X courses will run four times a year. Deadline dates are shown.



After the Registration and Payment of the E-learning course, when can I start the course?


Please notice that after your Registration the E-learning Invitation from Azentian's Global systems will send to you by email in the next 48 hours. You must also check your Spam Folders in any case. Then you can do your course and the revisions you need in the licensed period as many times and hours you want. 


How do I book my exam for ACCA certifications and Diplomas? (incl. computer based)


After the completion of your preferred course, you can take a consultation from our team of experts in order to decide which Certification is suitable for you. After the selection of the suitable Certificate, our team will take care for your enrolment and your self-assessment.